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Food for Thought: Trust

A theme for me this year I have noticed as we are constantly faced with uncertainty, is that I continue to be faced with the fact that when things start to get hard, when I start feeling uncomfortable, I want to get out as fast as possible. I’m so ready to fold my hand if there’s any waiver of doubt, when there’s a possibility I might not come out winning. I get uncomfortable with lack of security, with not knowing what is coming next or what the outcome is going to be. When things are out of my control. And here is where I find myself faced to face with the concept of trust. What does it really mean to believe beyond what I can see? I’ve been reading, speaking, singing these words since I was a girl growing up. Whether it was on Sunday mornings or at camp during the summer, I put great stock in my faith and knowing that I have a God who loves me. But knowing that he loves me, doesn’t mean I trust Him and his plans for me. How do I dig into this? How do I really test my limits of trust? Trust is moving forward without seeing the end of where you are going. Trust is a choice. I must choose to put my faith over my feelings. I must trust that I do not need (and let’s be honest, really shouldn’t be) in control. When we let go of the tight grip on what we are afraid of losing, what’s meant to be will either stay or change for the better.

What does trust (or lack thereof) look like in your life? What is something you are trying to control? What is a situation where you did choose to trust and you grew from that experience? I encourage you to take some time and reflect on what trusts looks like for you and how it changes in different situations.


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